Zheng Hao Tan

Work Experience

Founder / CEO
Co-founder / CTO
Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning Accelerators, Cruise AI
Drive.ai (acquired by Apple Inc.)
Software Engineer, HRI/Vehicle OS
Software Engineer
Dell Inc.
Software Engineering Intern
Hong Leong Bank (HLBB)
Software Engineering / Solution Architecture Intern
Green River College
C++, Java, MATLAB and Math Tutor

Computer Skills

C++, C, Python, Rust, Go, Bash, Linux, Docker, Bazel, CMake, Buildkite, AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), SQL, numpy, PyTorch, TensorRT


University of Michigan - Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Engineering
Relevant Coursework
Advanced Embedded Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Robotics
Computer Security
Data Structures & Algorithms
Embedded System Design & Implementation
Logic Design & Optimization
Operating Systems
Signals & Systems
Independent Coursework / Certifications
Machine Learning (CS 229)
Neural Networks and Deep Learning (deeplearning.ai)
Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization (deeplearning.ai)
Structuring Machine Learning Projects (deeplearning.ai)
Convolutional Neural Networks (deeplearning.ai)
Sequence Models (deeplearning.ai)
Deep Learning Specialization (deeplearning.ai)
Game Theory
Financial Markets
Learning from Data (CaltechX)
Scalable Machine Learning (BerkeleyX)
Performance Engineering of Software Systems (MIT 6.172)