Zheng Hao Tan



University of Michigan - Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Computer Engineering

Relevant coursework:

  • Advanced Embedded Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Robotics
  • Computer Security
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Embedded System Design & Implementation
  • Logic Design & Optimization
  • Operating Systems
  • Signals & Systems

Independent Coursework / Certifications:

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer at Cruise (Perception Platform, Machine Learning Accelerators)

  • Technologies Used: C++, Python (2 & 3), Tensorflow, TensorRT, PyTorch, GCP, Docker

Software Engineer at Drive.ai (HRI/Vehicle OS)

  • Scoped and shipped HRI (Human Robot Interface) engineering initiatives (external HRI panels, internal HRI buttons and passenger screens)
  • Worked on Vehicle OS performance tuning changes based on collected onboard diagnostics.
  • Built a performance alert workflow to collect onboard performance diagnostics + catch regressions across releases.
  • Technologies Used: C++, C, Python (2 & 3), Linux, CMake, Make, Ninja, Google Test, TOML, YAML, Cap’n Proto, Boost, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Qt, Tensorflow, TensorRT, AWS, Airflow, Spark

Software Engineer at Hologram

  • Extended and maintained our backend infrastructure (Data Engine, REST APIs, carrier backend services etc.) Some sprint tasks include adding Amazon SQS message queue support, API rate limiting, db migrations and adding more features to our Data Engine.
  • Primary engineer who implemented, documented and shipped an open source Python SDK for the Hologram Nova U201 and R404 modems.
  • Developed the prototype for Magic, a decentralized network to access the Internet.
  • Implemented the Hologram Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for IoT features on both our cloud and SDK.
  • Implemented and open sourced Go, C++ and Rust libraries so developers can interact with our dashboard APIs much more easily without putting together a REST API interface in their toolchain.
  • Refactored and optimized the uBlox cellular modem interface and Dash system firmware, which reduced our overall program size by 30%.
  • Introduced continuous integration (CI) (Travis CI) and better development practices for most of our open source projects, which helped identify/reduce many software regressions.
  • Technologies Used: C++, C, Python (2 and 3), Go, Rust, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Slim, Amazon SQS, Travis CI, Jenkins, Docker, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Arduino, Phabricator, Postman, New Relic, Slack, Loggly, MQTT, Linux network tools

Software Engineering Intern at Dell Inc.

  • Implemented ASP.NET APIs and AngularJS factories/services for FastTrack and compare pages.
  • Wrote ASP.NET Razor for the UI of the primitive compare page (less than IE8 support).
  • Added automated unit test functionalities to both front-end and back-end of our Premier website.
  • Technologies Used: C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AngularJS, Grunt, Moq, ReSharper, TFS

Software Engineering / Solution Architecture Intern at Hong Leong Bank (HLBB)

  • Implemented a new visual overhaul of HLB’s mobile website using Primefaces.
  • Implemented PDF bank statements/receipts using jsPDF and JasperReports.
  • Technologies Used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Apache Ant, Apache Tomcat, Primefaces, JasperReports, SVN

C++, Java, MATLAB and Math Tutor at Green River College

Computer Skills

Languages/Framework/Libraries/Tools:C++, C, Python (2 and 3), Rust, Go, Bash, Linux, ARM, Docker, CMake, Jenkins, New Relic, Travis CI, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DigitalOcean, SQL, AWS, numpy, Tensorflow, Keras, MQTT