Zheng Hao Tan

Hi! Welcome to my website! I'm the founder / CEO of Cellulose. Cellulose is a tool that helps machine learning engineers understand, fine tune, and improve the inference performance of their models. With Cellulose, they can resolve these issues in just hours, not weeks.

Prior to Cellulose, I worked on several engineering problems, ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) to Artificial Intelligence in autonomous vehicles.

I was also a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Cruise building autonomous vehicle machine learning platforms and deployment workflows. I got my degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan in December 2015.

I'm currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I spend significant time in New York City, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

I'm also an angel investor, and sometimes, I'll dabble in other things like mechanical watches. I have newsletters on engineering management, technology trends and mechanical watches.

The views expressed on this site are his alone and not those of his employer.