Zheng Hao Tan


Hi! I'm an angel investor and senior software engineer at Cruise currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like tinkering with new technologies and figuring out how things work. My hobbies include working on open source software, reading, investing and spending too much time studying mechanical watches.

I was born in Penang, Malaysia and then raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from the age of 5. After high school, I furthered my studies at the University of Michigan and majored in Computer Engineering. I was part of the Michigan Hackers club and the Malaysian Student Association (MiMSA).

I liked pulling things apart and reassembling new versions of other things as a kid. I guess I was also fortunate to have Legos, Beyblades, Gameboys and Tamiya circuit cars to play with. I remember assembling a Tamiya car motor onto a tiny Lego helicopter's rotor blades with lots of tape. Of course, the thing couldn't take off due to the laws of gravity. The underpowered motors coupled with weight of the battery pack weren't gonna fly (pun intended). I was 8 then and only understood the word Physics few years later.

These childhood experiences heavily influenced me to pursue engineering as a career. I have a strong obsession with things that move fast; things that are well engineered. Google and Facebook were the hot companies in ~2011, so I was definitely drawn to the whole tech phenomenon. I picked up a C++ for Dummies book shortly after high school graduation, and the rest just fell into place.

I've since spent almost all of my career solving problems ranging from next generation connectivity solutions to autonomous vehicles, both as an operator and angel investor.